What are Optometrists?

Optometrists are health care providers who examine, assess, and manage conditions and disorders of the human visual system (the eye). They prescribe treatments for corrective errors including glasses and contact lenses.

Why are visits important?

While most people know about Optometrists and the diagnosis prescribing correction for visual errors using glasses and contact lenses, few know of the wide scope of diseases and conditions both ocular and systemic (body wide) an Optometrist looks for during an eye exam. From amblyopia, glaucoma, and macular degeneration to diabetes, hypertension, and many more. The unique view into the body through the eye makes the Optometrist a vital link in your health.

So if you are due (or past due) for an annual eye exam, contact us today for an annual eye exam.

Your first visit

After checking in with our friendly staff, you will be given a short questionnaire to collect information and past medical and ocular history to help focus and tailor your exam to you.

When you are finished with your questionnaire, the staff or doctor will begin pretesting with our automated instruments and, if necessary, further advanced screening tests.

Your doctor will then call you into the exam room where he will review the questionnaire, pre-test information and proceed with the eye exam.

At the conclusion of the exam you should expect a prescription, a follow-up schedule, and a smile.

Meet Our Optometrist

Dr. Dan Mark Cuevas graduated from Harry Ainlay Composite High School in Edmonton, AB in 2005. He began university in the fall of that same year at the University of Alberta. After 2 years at the U of A, Dr. Cuevas trasferred to the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario where he graduated with a B.Sc in Honours Biomedical Sciences in 2010.

Dr. Cuevas began his formal optometric education in August 2010 at the Arizona College of Optometry at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona and graduated May of 2014. While there he served as the class historian, and treasurer for the Lions Club at the University. He was also involved in academic research involving the measurement of dynamic visual acuity and has presented 2 academic posters at the American Academy of Optometry.

During his free time he enjoys playing the piano and guitar, hiking, snowboarding, and taking photographs of the adventures in between.

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Schedule an Appointment

Using our external booking site with Optiks International